The Santa Barbara City College Hears ‘The Plan’

The Quail Springs Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course (for 2008) closed Wednesday – and with a bang. Six groups of students put forth impressive design proposals for the design brief they were given, resulting in 47 new PDC graduates joining the worldwide permaculture community – a community that we are inspired can become a powerful ‘peace army’ to bring hope and real solutions to a beleaguered world. We look forward to hearing from these new friends as they build on their knowledge and carve out avenues for practical application. It was a privilege and inspiration to meet them all.

No sooner was the course ended, and Geoff and Nadia were off to Santa Barbara to answer an invitation to speak to an attentive crowd at the Santa Barbara City College. Thanks to Wes Roe & Margie Bushman for the invite and organising.

Geoff shared our vision for worldwide project development and replication – something we call ‘The Permaculture Master Plan‘. All seats were filled, and more continued to stream into the auditorium and stood on the stairs to hear Geoff’s encouraging words. It was great to see the enthusiastic response. An uncertain ecological, social and economic future for this planet finds a full-spectrum solution in this work – it’s certainly exciting to see people take these thoughts on board.


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