Kaoki Mange! Project: “Rubbish is a resource!” (Annual Report 2005)

Kaoki Mange! Project: The aims of the project were numerous:

  • Create a Container Deposit Based Recycling System. Outcome: Aluminium cans and PET bottles pay 5c each at import, Lead-acid Batteries pay $5 Deposit / Refund, Cans and bottles refunded at 20c for five, One cent handling fee ensures system sustainability
  • A Fully Operational Materials Recovery Facility. Outcome: $260,000 paid out in refunds; 4.7 million aluminium cans recycled; 800,000 PET bottles recycled; Over 8,000 lead-acid batteries collected. Over 100,000 items per week on average; over 500 cubic metres of crushed waste exported; Equivalent to at least 3,000 cubic metres of landfill.
  • Car & Scrap Metal Recycling. Outcome: Over fifty cars and buses have been completely processed, and can now be cut up for scrap. About 500 tons of scrap vehicles and heavy machinery have been collected. The car dismantling area has also been used for training mechanics from the Tarawa Technical Institute mechanics course. The scrap recycling operation has now been turned over to a local business.
  • Pre-Paid Geenbags for Landfill Wastes. Outcome: Organic waste in the Landfill at a residual 1-2%.

Outlook for 2006: The Project is completing its work in early 2006, with the recycling system now run by private sector operators under contract with the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development (MELAD).

For complete info, grab the PDF:

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