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IDEP Yogyakarta Earthquake Response Update No 2

About the situation on the ground around Yogya at this time

The latest reports put the death toll from the Java quake at over 5,800 and sources estimate that some 647,000 people have been displaced and are in need of basic food and shelter.

As night falls over Java, international news services and eyewitness reports from our partners in the field inform us that while more aid appears to be arriving at the now open airport in Yogyakarta. Yet many people whose homes have been destroyed are facing their fifth night without food, shelter, water or even basic medical aid. Assessments from our partners in the field suggest than many thousands more people will spend further nights with out their basic needs met.

Our partners are coordinating with local organizations to identify places where many of the larger NGOs have yet to arrive and are focusing their efforts of delivering emergency aid to areas.

About IDEP’s Emergency Response Activities happening now

Drawing on relationships established during the Aceh disaster, IDEP started working immediately with partners on the ground in Yogya. When the banks opened on Monday, IDEP emptied out its emergency reserve funds (US$10,000) and started wiring money to the partner groups.

Rp 30,000,000 (US$ 3,200) was sent to Kelompok Peduli Bencana / KAPPALA for purchasing emergency supplies of food, shelter and basic medical supplies. This group is running a 24 hour mobile clinic program which is reaching the most remote areas that have little or no other aid whatsoever.

This excellent initiative is in desperate need for vehicles and medical supplies to be able to expand their mobile clinics outreach. Any kind of vehicle that is rugged and can be modified into a mobile clinic such as Kijangs or Panthers would be wonderful. Ideally 4 wheel drives so that the team can continue to access hard to reach isolated places. The team says they are able to increase their current fleet of 2 vehicles up to a maximum of 8 vehicles, should support be available. If you are able to help with this

Yogyakarta Earthquake 1

PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY if you are able to donate funds to purchase medicines and other supplies please go to our website:

Another Rp 30,000,000 was sent to Yayasan IBU/Rakata, an off-road adventure club that distributed IDEP aid at Calang, near the tsunami epicenter, in January 2005. Rakata members in Jakarta have used the funds to buy supplies and assemble aid buckets.

Family Aid Kits, including tarpaulins and rope to build a temporary shelter costs about US$40 to create.

If you are able to donate funds to create more of these family kits please go to our website: These family aid kits include basic household supplies for displaced people, a tarpaulin and ropes to make a temporary shelter, cooking pot, dishes and utensils, a bucket and rope for drawing water, vitamins, sanitary needs for women, IDEP’s Emergency Response booklets and “a glimmer of hope” to quote Lee Downey, who today in conjunction with Sam Shultz coordinate the filling of yet another 6 ton truck with supplies which will be leaving for Yogya at 2pm tomorrow.

Yayasan Bumi Sehat have once again joined forces with IDEP and have collected and donated 8 boxes of emergency medical supplies for our partners in the field that will be included with tommorrow’s shipment of Family Aid Kits.

To fill and send another truck full of much needed supplies costs about US$5,000, using all volunteer workers who are on standby should support be available to do more runs.

Yogyakarta Earthquake 2

If you are able to donate funds to create more of these aid shipments please go to our website:

IDEP’s volunteer team of 6 has finished unloading their four ton truck, and are now returning to Bali. The supplies have been distributed in several villages around the Yogya area with support from Kelompok Peduli Bencana / KAPPALA team. This team is led by Ade, a seasoned Balinese disaster volunteer who served in Aceh for 16 months. The truck carried two tons of emergency supplies from Bali including medicines, food, household goods and tarpaulins, ropes and other shelter materials as well as a sophisticated water filter and 20 of IDEP’s Community Based Disaster Management kits.

As with our Tsunami appeal where IDEP channeled over US$ 1,000,000 in funds donated by people like you to help victims, we will continue to collect funds and channel assistance to victims of the Java Earthquake over the next few weeks and continue to assess the needs on the ground as the situation unfolds. We will be sending out regular updates about progress on the ground and these can also be found on our website

How you can help?

IDEP is urgently seeking cash donations to buy more supplies and load trucks to be sent to Yogya.
To make a donation please go to our website:

To donate funds from outside Indonesia a wire transfer is the only option available at this time. IDEP is working to find sponsors in the US, Canada, and Australia who will accept tax-deductible contributions and offer a solution for on-line donations.

To wire transfer funds:

Bank Name: BNI
Account Name: Yayasan IDEP
Branch: Ubud
Address: Jl Raya Ubud,Bali 80571
Account No: 0049400253 (Rupiah Donations)
Account No: 0049400264 (US$ Donations)

If you are wire transferring funds please notify IDEP by filling in our donation registration form on-line at: indicating the amount, the originating currency (i.e. US dollars, UK pounds, etc), bank name and city from which the transfer was made, your name (as you would like to be listed on the donor list), and the date of the transfer. A receipt will be sent once the funds have arrived. Also, if you wish to earmark the funds for a particular project please indicate that.

Alternatively you can register your donation directly on our website using the on-line donation form on :

Thank you so much to everyone that is making this emergency response initiative possible, and for any support you are able to provide so that we can keep this important support alive on the ground.


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