Peak Oil

Presentation: “The Oil Crisis. What can we do about it?”

With the depletion of the world’s reserves of oil we are set to experience enormous repercussions world-wide in the not too distant future.

Peak Oil means that we have reached the point of demand outstripping the supply of conventional petroleum and other fossil fuels. Already the price of fuel is skyrocketing. Our economy relies heavily on petroleum-based products with many of our food supplies dependant on fossil fuelled transport. It is not hard to see that this scenario signals difficult times ahead for millions of people around the globe. Meeting basic food needs could soon become difficult for people with limited incomes.

Geoff Lawton, of the Permaculture Research Institute, an international permaculture teacher and consultant, will present permaculture solutions for suburban populations of this region and the world to help people avoid the consequence of Peak Oil and the Energy Descent. Questions will be answered with positive solutions, encouraging self-reliance.

A screening of the newly released documentary, ‘The Power of Community- How Cuba survived Peak Oil’ will show Cuba as an example to the industrialised world, successfully dealing with the crisis of the reduction and loss of finite fossil fuel resources.

The film shows the transition across Cuba from large farms and plantations, with reliance on fossil- fuel based pesticides and fertilisers, to small organic farms and urban gardens incorporating permaculture design.

See Geoff Lawton’s unique presentation in Lecture Theatre 1 at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Sippy Downs on Tuesday 23rd of May from 7.00 pm. Admission is free.

For further information and interviews please contact Elisabeth Fekonia on 0432 180 523 or Chris Carroll on 5442 1555.

The Oil Crisis. What can we do about it? Permaculture solutions for the world’s suburban populations to help avoid the consequence of Peak Oil and the Energy Descent. A presentation by Geoff Lawton
International Permaculture teacher and consultant

Plus screening of ‘The Power of Community- How Cuba survived Peak Oil’
Lecture Theatre 1. University of the Sunshine Coast Sippy Downs
Tuesday 23 May. From 7.00 pm. Free admission



  1. Hello –

    will you be repeating this presentation at all? what about in sydney? i am very keen to attend wherever I can.

    Inge Lass
    0423 965 001

  2. Hi Inge Lass
    given the op[ertunity I would like to repeat this presentation in Sydney, we are working in Sydney teaching, consulting and speaking from the 4th June to the 13th.

    Cheers Geoff

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