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Simacai, North Vietnam

Just a quick one. Here’s our project site in North Vietnam at Simacai near the Chinese border working with Mong people!

North Vietnam at Simacai near the Chinese border working with Mong people


  1. I’m Peruvian, I think this techniques could be a good solution for many small communities in my country. I would like to know more about this project. Thank you.

  2. Hi Guillermo Yoshikawa
    we will be launching a slide show on our photop galleries page soon and articles on our articles page.
    You can contact Chau one of our Vietmanese directors for more details on [email protected], Chau speaks very good English.
    Cheers Geoff

  3. Dear Guillermo
    I thought you might like to know that World Vision Peru has had a permaculture project running for about 5 years. It is called the Andean Permaculture Project and also took place in Ecuador (run by World Vision Ecuador). The sites where Lamay in Peru and Achupallas, Saquisilí and Pilahuin in Ecuador. World Vision Australia was also involved and it recieved funding from AusAID in Australia. Hopefully that is enough information for you to find out more
    Hope this helps,

    Thanks Tanzi
    do you have anymore contacts for these World Vision projects?
    Cheers Geoff

  4. I’m traveling to VN and would be interested in seeing your project and volunteering for a few weeks. Is that possible, and how far outside of Hanoi is the project. I’m unable to find Simacai on the map.



    Hi Dan
    contact our office in Hanoi as we have 5 projects in Vietnam [email protected] or [email protected]

    Simacai is right up on the Chinese border in the NW, we will be there in December teaching a course.

    Cheers Geoff

  5. Hi I was just wondering if this project is still going. I am going to be arriving in Hanoi in the next few days and am very interested to volunteer for about a week on one of the permaculture projects in vietnam. Please could you give me the address and tel of the office in hanoi as the email address above do not seem to work. I am have done quite a bit of wwoofing before and am always looking to gain more knowledge about permaculture and organic gardening.


  6. Hi, I’m Ambra
    I stay in hanoi for few month. I’m interesting in permaculture.
    Do you have any project oractivity now in Vietnam?
    I’d like you know.

  7. Hi I am doing my PDC next month and would like to get some hands on experience on a couple of permaculture farms in Vietnam and Thailand. Please can you put me in touch with the correct people.

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