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G’Day to All….

Firstly & Foremost…. This CONCEPT, I’m going to attempt to explain, is “without doubt” one of Australia’s most important: Having vast “IMPLICATIONS” components & dynamics, requiring effort (s) not seen on this scale before. …with the premise of generating involvement within the local community that attracts support for such an endeavor.

Secondly… to inspire, any Australian, who remotely understands the importance of innovation strategy & commitment to Natural Resource Management, just to see how “IMPORTANT” this deliberate message is.

Sadly…. the Government, on the other hand should revise it’s plans with respect to the role of the corporate sector, given the persistent bad image that it now suffers in the eyes of society.

In wisdom & hindsight…. I expect this letter will prove to be a catalyst in providing everyone hope, vision & direction, that as Australian’s, we so desperately need, especially.. since we “ALL” understand about the alienation & frustration, alongside constant inaction between our so called leaders, on important decision making process’s & protocol.


Because I’m going to build Australia’s’ leading Contract Plantation Seedling Supplier / Distributor / Nursery & Forest Training / Research & Visitor centre.

My “MAIN” strategy objective is to supply the many millions of tree seedlings Australia- wide for Natural Resource Management projects….. undertaken by “ANY” Govt. institution, timber or mining company, both private & business investors, farmers & community group (s) bushfire destruction & reforestation programs, Desalination offset projects like the Murray River & any worthwhile venture(s) for Australia now and in the future, by the way, are forecast… “BUT NOT” planned. …..!

PEAK REFORESTATION as I’ve called it will capture the hearts & soul of everybody that visits / works IT!….. Imagine if you will a “Forestry mini-Disneyland”.. but on a small, sustainable scale… with everything “Eco”… everything!………. an expo if you will permanently on display. Showcasing Energy Efficiency & Environmental sustainability & responsibility with “REAL EXAMPLES” every where you look! That people can touch, view, interact with and Learn!

It’s purpose is to be a professional business institute (school) that trains & educates it’s students in “exactly”.. what Natural Resource Management actually “IS” to create, a strategic partnership between the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments and the plantation timber growing and processing industry; to provide an ecologically sustainable permaculture model.

However……I’m not going into this thing blind, far from it….I’ve probed into every nook & cranny, over the past 7 yrs., and not left a single stone unturned, in my relentless pursuit of the “facts” surrounding Forestry and “all” associated faculties.

With that in mind…… Our success relies in being Bigger & Better than anyone before … Simply because, we can’t afford to “ f*ck it up” by overseeing the basics like ”SIZE” which will prove to be our absolute strength, while promoting a world-class education and skills development system, to provide our leaders / trainers & researchers / scientists with access to the best ideas and technology in Australia, solely for the interests of Australia’s Natural Resource Strategy / Policies & Development.

Already we have a QLD business involved, waiting approval (specifically for this project) of individual seedling wallets to hang supported & held in new-unique trays, transported around on ergonomic, bamboo culm rollers, throughout the whole 25 acre, nursery!

These wallets made from Bio-degradable, water resistant 100% BANANA PAPER, which is a totally organic, revolutionary new Australian product, that just may replace those silly ancient black plastic types, banished the back-shelf “Forever”… These wallets will be planted with the seedling, in the field.

Furthermore….. Because, people everywhere…… I mean “everywhere”….are realizing what backpackers & greens have know 4 years….


Now.. Everybody want’s to dig in & become involved. Which is fantastic & about time..!

There is general agreement that effective co-ordination and administrative efficiency require some level of organisation below that of the State, but larger than existing institutions such as local community projects such as Landcare, Bushcare, Coastcare & any type of Environmental Activity.

@ the core will be the Visitor Centre & Y.H.A. style Administration & Accommodation. This space will be visually stunning, exploring just what can be done with courage & commitment as this centre aims to do, describing how we done it, what materials we used & why!

It will support impressive computer services with internet access / communication and information sharing between all involved for Project purposes or just for casual chill-out /mingling …. you know, with ( map room, massive country kitchen facilities, message boards, educational talks,videos, movies etc).

“ I must point out here.. that this centre will be the “ Forestry Network Capital of Australia” ..for linking people with projects such as this THIS, bringing people & projects together because the value of integration is not only that all relevant factors and links are properly considered, integration also leads to greater efficiency”.

With this much intensity, respect within the industry will be imminent, that much I do know! But it’s bigger than that…..

The emphasis will be Enviro-Eco-Tourism inviting tourists / schools & business to observe the procedures and operations within and shall serve as a real ethical Forestry Business Model.

Acting as “The Base” for conducting public tours that soon will be available, enough for about 40 guests..or so.

Trained, qualified staff in key areas, expanding on any current or future “requested” projects will demonstrate correct work techniques in the field and at “HQ”… offering any number of available courses e.g: Land survey & management, map drawing, seed & data collection, storage, genetics, soil biology, disease prevention, greenhouse operations & procedures, propagation, tree planting, transplanting techniques plant identification, I’m sure you get the picture, all fully certified, with a credited licence, upon completion.

Extraordinary savings credited by minimal overheads, reflecting sound business philosophies attracting local – international support. By establishing, groundbreaking, Y.H.A. class accommodation for travellers, offering P/T, seasonal and permanent work.

Only when you consider that, inconjunction with Tourism Tasmania on board, and suddenly there seems no lack of potential, which is another direction all together, needless to say……………….


So that’s it, in a nutshell..!!

I think “we” can do it.. purely because every Tasmanian we know wants a permanent solution like this to happen….! plus, would want the opportunity to contribute to such ethical project as “BIG” as this..

Tasmania’s future strength within Forestry, will rely on Industry development & overall integrity. This knowledge must embrace a willingness to welcome “realistic” timely advice together with experience & leadership regarding serious proposals to encourage progress. “Forestry in Tasmania” can ill afford to be complacent on this issue or foolhardy, with what it manages, in effect what currently is Australia’s Public Garden. What is needed is “complete” transparency & truth across the board in co-ordinating such efforts & operations, because it’s the ONLY way it will work…!

On a final note…… Forestry & indeed “Peak Reforestation’s” imminent success is based on the notion of active community, industry and government participation, and on a shared ownership of natural resource management issues and outcomes at “ALL” regional, local and individual levels.

I think “we” all understand how important a role we can play in the development & rebuilding of communities both here in Australia & abroad, because……..

** It’s about supporting these endeavours and achieving real results with real jobs **


Remember….. “knowledge is power”… so do yourselves a favour & visit

[email protected] Ph: 03 622 501 59

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