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Due to an inspiring collaboration between Rainforest Information Centre and Permaculture Research Institute teaching a permaculture design certificate course in Australia, a surplus profit of $AUS1, 500 we have been able to direct towards permaculture extension in Jordan. The same amount was also directed to a Rainforest Information Centre in Ecuador.

Five women actively involved in permaculture home garden development in Jawfa and Jawasari, poor Palestinian refugee villages in the Dead Sea Valley.

We have directed the directly to supporting good ground work action by the purchase of good quality gardening tools and equipment.

Five sets of: –

  • 2 cubic meter water tanks, to be mounted on the roof of each house for gravity feed, mains water supply is only available twice a week for a few hours and ALL water needed has to be stored in tanks. Mounting the tanks on the rooves of the houses will give us enough gravity fall pressure to drip irrigate fruit trees, herb and vegetable gardens.
  • A small electric pump to pump the mains water when it is supplied up to the tank on the roof. This is needed as the mains water pressure is often not sufficient to lift the water to roof height.
  • 25m of good quality garden hose.
  • Wheelbarrow.
  • Secateurs of the VERY best quality available, Swiss made Felco brand.
  • Pruning saw.
  • Shovel
  • Hoe.
  • Mattock.
  • Small half size mattock.
  • Pitchfork
  • Metal rake.
  • 10m by 2m of shade clothe. for raising seedlings.
  • 25m by 1.5m fine square mesh bird wire netting, for small animal housing
  • 25M by 1.5m chain link fencing wire for fencing small animal pens.
  • 5 fruit trees.
  • 40 varieties of .non hybrid heir loom vegetable seedlings.
  • Small compost worm farm.

The five women have agreed to care for and maintain the tools, plant the fruit trees, install the provided equipment, materials and to grow the vegetable seedlings with a main aim of saving extending and sharing the seed.

We are hoping to extend the action of these 5 women to become a small NGO with the intention of raising funds to educate and demonstrate to other people in their region extending the of success locally.

We intend to continue contributing to worthy ground-based actions such as this with every course we teach.

Cheers Geoff & Nadia Lawton

Geoff Lawton

Geoff Lawton is a world renowned Permaculture consultant, designer and teacher. He first took his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course in 1983 with Bill Mollison the founder of Permaculture. Geoff has undertaken thousands of jobs teaching, consulting, designing, administering and implementing, in 6 continents and close to 50 countries around the world. Clients have included private individuals, groups, communities, governments, aid organizations, non-government organisations and multinational companies under the not-for-profit organisation. In 1996 Geoff was accredited with the Permaculture Community Services Award by the Permaculture movement for services in Australia and around the world. Geoff's official website is Geoff's Facebook profile can be found here.

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